Primal Architecture

The Flow of Communication (Currency) Bring awareness to the regenerative energetic movement of communication. It flows in accordance to a primal blueprint- an architecture patterned to support the flow of information. It breathes. Intuition and emotion connect us with this flow. As I assert my right to exist, strength and life force vitality is fed back to me through these processes. By reorienting your focus, shifts are created in thoughts and behavior, which then impact relationships, which influence systems. This piece is a guided meditation. It calls you to look into my eyes, then follow the movements of the lines and colors. It’s showing the flow of communication, the exchange of information. Starting at the right eye, the transmitter, I am communicating with you. Follow the spiral out. The dominance of the color blue indicates clear communication. As your gaze passes through my left eye, you are passing information to me. Follow the spiral up the mirrored spiral and then trace your way back. Breathe into this give and take of energy exchange. The appearance of my first vinyl piece (Earth) and my first PolyAnnie piece (Being Poly), reiterate the energy of the Uruz painting- which is the background of the piece – raw untapped creativity. Remember as you show up, self guided, following your instincts, you open yourself up to the flow of strength and perseverance. Change happens on all levels. And the only control we have is over our focus. Bring awareness to your orientation. About the Series: Everything I create is done spontaneously & intuitively. This allows me to reflect on the work afterwards and dig in to find what my and the collective unconscious is communicating. This collection represents my artistic expression for the past two years. I created these pieces by layering, blending and editing multiple original photos. Repurposing my physical art and modeling photos. Reinventing my past work is an evolution for me as an artist and it allows me the chance to tell the story, highlighting how all the pieces weave together. Everything I’m presenting was made by me almost entirely from my mobile device. Being able to work and create from mobile opens more possibilities and I hope inspires others with limited resources to do the same. Eth earned from these pieces will be kept in crypto. I’m going to be exploring & experimenting with staking Hex, Dai and will continue to buy Hot. It is my intent that this and all the images in this series become more than collectibles in a wallet. Contact me if you’d like to use any of the pieces for album covers, fliers, collaborations, animations, etc… Purchasing this nft unlocks a discount code for 70% off my art stickers and prints in my Etsy shop. About the artist: Multidisciplinary Artist & Live Streamer, PolyAnnie weaves her intuitive creativity into a living documentary, boldly paving the way forward into new economies through creating empowered art. Themes of her art include freedom, movement and the challenging of societal norms and destructive systems. Her main inspiration is freedom. Freedom from poverty, freedom of expression, freedom to exist. Her art/story offers a unique perspective as a risk taker living on the fringe and is expressed through many mediums: adhesive vinyl mosaics, erotic abstract expressionist paintings, prop manipulation (hula hoop & fire dance), music, nsfw content creation, dance & fashion design. Physical Art Crypto Art LiveStreams & Videos Bigo- PolyAnnie Social & Blog NSFW Sites Support$polyannie01 0xB1DC6E4641d4aD094553907aF39A97c95D7EB0A3

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