Art tells a story and I don’t think this one should end with me. It is my intent that this and all the images in this series become more than collectibles in a wallet. Musicians, poets, writers, and content creators of all mediums are invited to use them and turn them into something more. Contact me if you’d like to use any of the pieces for album covers, fliers, collaborations, animations, etc… Tokenizing the combination of this artistic flow with other flows will be a journey of the pioneers of art on the blockchain. About the piece: Everything I create is done spontaneously & intuitively. This allows me to reflect on the work afterwards and dig in to find what my and the collective unconscious is communicating. This collection represents my artistic expression for the past two years. I created these pieces by layering, blending and editing multiple original photos. Each piece is really several pieces of art born into something new. They all include at least 2 pieces of physical art (vinyl or paintings) and at least one of my modeling photos, all created within the last 2 years. Reinventing my past work is an evolution for me as an artist and it allows me the chance to tell the story, highlighting how all the pieces weave together in a single fabric. Everything I’m presenting was made 100% by me almost entirely from my mobile device. I take my own photos, film & edit and create these collages. I only use my super old laptop to set up and cut files for the vinyl art. Being able to work and create from mobile opens more possibilities and I hope inspires others with limited resources to do the same. Here’s my interpretation of this piece, but like all stories is subjective to my perspectives, so please take what you want and leave the rest, allowing your own perspectives to form about what your own unconscious is communicating. 2020 was a year of change. Many of us felt it coming for a long time. We all felt the pressure of the imbalance, that feeling of dying of thirst in an abundant reality. And when the world faced a global pandemic and the big wheels started slowing down many things were made visible. The breaks became more obvious and less tolerable. The global-ness of the past years events, our ability to be connected through it all, signals to me “evolution” is accelerating. As we all know evolution isn’t always fun. It’s painful and beautiful. All the pieces in this series feature these colorful tears. They mean different things in different pieces but in this one it is about Evolution. The changes are happening across many fractal layers in this reality. Themes of: Open hands (surrender, courage) Restricted masculinity (pressure on the patriarchal architecture) Tears (pain in evolution) Earth in a vortex (passageway- evolution) Layers of change Sacred geometry (fundamental nature of the reality. Invisible architectures) Pieces included in this image: Rainbow Torus – In the winter of 2019- Spring 2020 I made 3 large backdrops that represents the invisible architecture of the movement of energy. The process of how energy moves. It’s a flow process called the torus or toroidal energy dynamic. Understanding and coming into alignment with these types of flows in ourselves and in our developing of new systems will be important. I surround myself with this, in my art, meditation & movement practices. Vortex Map – the last in the backdrop series. Finished right before the first lockdown. Predictive of coming changes. Greater connection through global crisis. Transformation. Mistress Jill – made at a time in my life where I was clear about my desire for freedom but frustrated at my lack of stability. I felt restricted. Developed even greater resiliency skills. If you’d like to use this image or any of the images contained within it please contact me at  This is the first in this collection. If you collect all in the series… I’ll make you a custom collage style art piece.  About the artist: Multidisciplinary Artist & Live Streamer, PolyAnnie weaves her intuitive creativity into a living documentary, boldly paving the way forward into new economies through creating empowered art. Themes of her art include freedom, movement and the challenging of societal norms and destructive systems. Her main inspiration is freedom. Freedom from poverty, freedom of expression, freedom to exist. Her art/story offers a unique perspective as a risk taker living on the fringe and is expressed through many mediums: adhesive vinyl mosaics, erotic abstract expressionist paintings, prop manipulation (hula hoop & fire dance), music, nsfw content creation, dance & fashion design. Physical Art Crypto Art LiveStreams & Videos Bigo- PolyAnnie Social & Blog NSFW Sites Support$polyannie01 0xB1DC6E4641d4aD094553907aF39A97c95D7EB0A3

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